About GPW2016

Youth promoting peace by addressing vulnerabilities and building resilience
18 – 22 July 2016

The Fourth Annual Global Peace Workshop 2016 focuses on understanding the vulnerabilities and resilience of people living through conflict. Our goals are to examine how people experience exclusion, discrimination and marginalisation  including threats to their physical, economic and social security  to understand how resilience helps them cope as best they can. We often assume that the impact of violence is indiscriminate, yet it actually affects people differently according to their levels of vulnerability and resilience. Understanding this is critical to responding to conflict in ways that support people’s efforts and does not erode their resilience.

In partnership with Mugla Sitki Kocman University and Coventry University Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, GPW2016 is the 4th in its series. In these workshops academics and practitioners will guide participants through the key issues that emerge from each theme in fast-paced, interactive sessions that are fun and engaging. Each year the workshop grows in experience and gains more international media attention. In 2016 we’re expecting up to 120 participants to join the programme, together with our team of inspirational keynote speakers, workshop leaders and volunteers.

Listed below is the main theme of GPW2016 divided into five parallel workshop groups examining the theme in different dimensions. They are:

  • Peacebuilding 101: an introduction to the field
  • Power, exclusion and vulnerability in conflict and post conflict
  • People on the move: examining the human security challenges of migration
  • Children in war: reclaiming lost generations

GPW2016 participants will also have the opportunity to attend our popular Master Classes, brushing up on concrete skills in areas as wide ranging as first aid, humanitarian response, facilitation of dialogue, and campaigning. A certificate will be provided by Coventry University at the end of the workshops. We also have things covered on the social side. Our ‘cultural night’ celebrates the richness of our human family and we offer daily short trips and events to help you to make the most of your visit to a beautiful region of Turkey.

The workshop will run from 18th – 22nd July 2016. A participation fee of 120 Euros will cover the costs of  meals and shared accommodation. There are limited travel bursaries. Please complete your application form and send the accompanying documents to the organizing committee of the workshop at gpw@coventry.ac.uk by 16th June 2016. The deadline for applications from Turkey is 1st of July 2016.

If you are engaged with issues of peace, conflict and social justice, or if have a strong background in social and political activism (for example through volunteering or being a member of a movement), and particularly if you have experience working in a conflict-affected society,. or working with youth, then this workshop is for you.